Friday, 17 November 2017

ODM leads the Corruption Tag-Team in Kenya

John Mbadi :A thief investigating himself?
 Contrary to public pronouncements, Raila Odinga’s party, ODM is in the thick of the plunder of Kenya.A Lengthy investigation by this publication has established that there is a tag-team of corruption in Kenya.
 The team comprises of wealthy businessmen, politicians, the media and some so-called activists.
This is how it works: an official frustrates a businessman’s scheme to plunder Kenya; the miffed businessman concocts some scandal targeting the official in question, he hands the scandal to a an ODM politician or a miffed one too; the politician hands it to a friendly reporter who splashes the story, other politicians and activists pick up the cue and the chorus of condemnation begins.
Since the businessmen tag along politicians in the schemes to plunder Kenya, the politician is also miffed because he also lost in the same deal.
Waiguru: Hounded out by the
 Corruption Tag- team
The team, currently starring Jimmi Wanjigi, Raila Odinga and ODM, is going through a lean season, frustrated by the Uhuruto administration and is fighting back in all fronts.
In fact, the tag-team seems deadset on regime change. The reason; another five years of Kenyatta administration will cripple them financially.  This is the last one battle for their survival.
This team has in the past spun “scandals’ that have destroyed careers and brought the Kenyatta administration into disrepute, investigation by this publication have established.  However, our investigation has established, all “scandals” were hot air.
Our review of several allegations of mega corruption in Kenya such as the (in) famous Euro Bond saga, the SGR saga in Kenya and Uganda found them to be mere malicious tiffs by corrupt businessmen, in Kenya, called “tenderprenuers.”
“Tenderprenuers” are characters who specialize in winning government mega tenders, then sale them to the real providers for a fee. They themselves never provide a thing. In some instances, they originate the projects and sale them to corrupt government officials.
A pattern emerged from our tracking of the scandals: One, they all originate with ODM officials; the same officials never take the reports to the investigative agencies; that ODM dominated parliamentary committees are the first off the blocks to investigate such scandals; that the investigative agencies always find no evidence to back the allegations; that some politicians in these committees are interested parties since they also have their fingers in the cookie jar.
It is common Knowledge that investigation by Parliamentary committees attract massive publicity but carry no weight in prosecution of the alleged scams. Their job is merely to cover-up the real intention of the scam-to demonize and get uncooperative officials removed from office.
The cases hardly ever find their way into investigative and prosecution agencies. And where they do, they are almost always thrown out. Consequently, none of the alleged cases are ever prosecuted due to lack of evidence. The alleged culprits are tried and prosecuted in the press, public meetings and street demonstrations funded by the tenderprenuers.
In all cases, the “whistle blowers” who are in most cases, the culprits, avoid investigative bodies like the plague. In one such case, CORD politicians in Kenya mobilized their members to demonstrate when it became clear that their leader, Raila Odinga, was to be arrested for failing to honor summons by an investigative agency over the Eurobond saga.
In some instances, politicians, worried that their cover could be blown, even try to direct the investigations -telling investigators what to investigate, who to investigate and where to stop.
The tales are spun to either get unwanted people out of the way or just to embarrass the government.  A case in point is the alleged NYS plunder which cost the then Minister for Devolution and planning, Anne Waiguru, her job. As it turned out, Waiguru may have stood in the way of a tenderprenuer who was eyeing a Kshs16 billion security tender at NYS among other targeted projects.
The Isaack Hassan led IEBC was destroyed in a similar manner,when it refused to axe OT Morpho for Smartmatic to supply voter identification Kits. The company is owned by Lord Mark –Mahlom Brown a friend of Raila Odinga.   Ezra Chiloba, the new CEO also rejected the Smartmatic bid and is also a target of the tag-team.
Embankments(Soil Refill) and bridges account 30% of costs
This is the same reason the same politicians are calling for the boycott of Safaricom. The firm won a Kshs 14 billion contract to install surveillance cameras in Nairobi and Mombasa. A local tenderprenuer considers security contracts in Kenya his forte. It is through such tenders that he, together with others, looted billions of shillings of tax payer money.
 By 2004, such crooks had looted a total of US$700 million (Kshs56 billion in the then exchange rates), says a diplomatic cable seen by this publication. One reputedly pocketed US$5 million (Kshs 400 million in the current exchange rate then).
In their hurry to scandalize a project, the whistle blowers overlook critical details, resulting in a half-baked stories of criminal activity. This was the case in Eurobond saga, in which an alleged Kshs100 billion was stolen. Electronic Funds transfer documents show that the money was transferred to the Central Bank of Kenya’s account at the Federal Reserve, in New York. And that the Central bank, which is the banker to the government, paid the equivalent in Shillings to the consolidated account.
The scandal was just hot hair whose purpose was to embarrass the government by miffed tenderprenuers. There is no evidence any money was ever stolen.
 Deception was common in the on the standard gauge Railway “scandal.” Both MPs and journalists ignored mundane design parameters such as design capacity and design standards. To them SGR is SGR. That is why they were quick to use Ethiopia as role model because it had completed the first electric Standard Gauge Railway in Africa from Addis Ababa to Djibouti, a distance of 755 Kilometres at a cost of $3.4 billion.
This compares adversely with the $3.2 billion that the 600 Kilometre Mombasa-Nairobi section cost. The press was awash with hogwash. Some suggesting that huge chunks of money were stolen, a figure of Kshs 100billion was bandied around. But evidence has emerged of tenderprenuers, who lost the bid to construct the Railway line as a PPP project, conceiving and funding the “scandal.”
The Mombasa Super bridge of the SGR
 A comparison of the detailed designs tells a different story. The Kenyan Railway is class one Chinese standard rail line whose gradient was 1.2 percent. That meant construction of a total of 79 bridges totaling 35 kilometres. Some of the bridges are kilometres long.
Engineers say that bridges contribute 30 per cent of total cost of building a Railway line. That means where bridges and embankments are fewer, the cost is lower. That is the case with the Ethiopian SGR which has only level -crossings and only one 150 meter- long bridge.
A report seen by this publication suggests that the Nairobi- Kisumu – Malaba section of the SGR will cost more per kilometer due to the terrain in the Rift valley. It will require bridges and tunnels to ensure that the locomotives hauling 800 meter- long double –stacked wagons or 4,000 tons maintain a steady 80 KPH throughout the journey.
One more detail, both the Tanzanian and Ethiopian lines, are upgrades of the old Railway line apart from being of an inferior quality compared to Northern corridor. The Northern Corridor SGR is a Greenfield project.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Boycott? It’s Jimmi Wanjigi’s Vendetta!

The Puppet megalomaniac
  The calls by NASA/NRM to boycott certain companies and their products is Jimmi Wanjigi’s revenge attack, we can report.  Raila Odinga is just the puppet, doing his master’s will while NASA members are pawns in game of greed for wealth and power. Raila shall only gain the droppings from their high table, warn international intelligence sources.
Jimmi has sworn to bring  Kenyatta  down because he put Jubilee in office and Jubilee betrayed him by blocking his plundering ways.  In a tweet on his twitter handle he says: “Jubilee was my brainchild, laid out the blueprint and  filled it with the occupants all in my basement. And bring it down I will! Watch my pace!”
Wanjigi, who made his wealth through shady deals during the Kibaki regime, cobbled together Jubilee Alliance from URP and TNA led by William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta, respectively in 2012, ahead of that year’s election. He had hoped that they would look the other side as he plundered Kenya.
It was a miscalculation for as soon as they assumed office, they abandoned him and blocked his plundering schemes. Among the schemes was the US$9 billion Standard Gauge Railway and the US$600 million Greenfield passenger terminal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.
JW: Instability Kingpin
The battle it seems is, not just economic sabotage and destruction of target companies, but also a strong arm way of gaining free stake in both the target companies and also their competitors.  Destroying opponents is Raila Odinga’s stock-in-trade.
And destroying Kenya for his selfish gains is no big deal, warns the EU council for foreign relations. “He will not blink if Kenya goes over the cliff, if that is the price to be paid for a place for him in the government,” it concludes.  
He destroyed the IEBC commission led by Isaack Hassan because they stood in his way of earning Kick- backs from IEBC related businesses.  It is for the same reason that he led an onslaught against the current IEBC, Chief Executive, Ezra Chiloba.
 Safaricom, sources say is targeted because it also did not play ball with Raila’s friends, smartmatic international, which had bid to Supply IEBC with the Voter identification kits. Smartmatic international, in this bid tried to rope in Safaricom in order to strengthen its case. Safaricom turned down the offer and that is why it is a target of Raila’s ire. Smartmatic international is owned by Raila’s friend, Mark Mahlon- Brown, a British member of the House of Lords and a former UNDP boss.
The destruction Safaricom, it is hoped, will pave way for the growth of Airtel which will be arm twisted to offer them a stake. Bidco Africa is also being bullied for the same reasons. “Don’t be surprised to find Raila or Jimmi and their surrogates owning a stake in the companies in future,” said a Nairobi based business analysts.  The only companies that are being bullied for vendetta reasons are Brookside and Equity Bank, he added.  
Jimmi Wanjigi, who in his twitter page introduces himself as the Godfather of Political patronage, strong -armed Raila into signing several agreements that made him the de facto king pin in a Raila government, says a review by the British Foreign and Commonwealth affairs office.  In return JW, as they refer to him, funded his entire Presidential campaign for Kshs 10 billion.
In the agreement, NASA, the coalition of tribal kingpins that he cobbled together must win the elections and if they fail, force a grand coalition by all means. NASA lost the August 8th election. He petitioned and won the petition when the Supreme Court annulled Kenyatta’s election.
 Raila’s hope was Kenyatta would reject the Supreme Court ruling leading to an explosion of violence country wide. That never happened thus scuttling his scheme.  He did not participate in the fresh elections ordered by the Supreme Court. Instead, he engaged in a series of suicidal activities culminating in his withdrawal from the election hopping to scuttle the process. That too failed.
Mark Brown: Another puppeteer
JImmi in his tweets seems to acknowledge that Kenyatta is a strategist, citing the lack of quorum at the Supreme Court on Oct25th, which scuttled their   attempts to derail the elections slated for the next day. He also cites the ban of Kura yangu Sauti Yangu and “We the people” NGOs as a good strategy.
The current administration is the greatest stumbling block to this scheme hence the need to replace it. The plotters identified Raila Odinga as their man, nay “Kijana ya Mkono,” their puppet.
Jimmi Wanjigi, has been plotting to overthrow President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government since 2013 as it frustrated his plans to plunder Kenya.
The target resources include; oil in the Lokichar basin, the bullet factory at Eldoret, a string of Infrastructure projects and hardware supplies to the Security forces in Kenya. These conduits are expected to earn the Mandarins anything up to Kshs 3.0 trillion in five years!
A British Foreign and Commonwealth Office report notes that Wanjigi, apart from eyeing government projects, is also gunning to chase out of Kenya, Tullow oil and its partner, from Lokichar basin. The British report says that Wanjigi was plotting to bring in Asian explorers for a stake in the basin estimated to hold 23 billion barrels of Crude oil. It also suggests that he is planning to set up a militia to Keep NASA in check should they grown horns.
The Kenyatta administration is the stumbling block to all these goals hence the need to replace it. So A school of thought is emerging that Uhuru should play hardball with Raila after swearing- in.
It is not clear that Uhuru will opt for the no holds-barred approach. Instead, he could lay a trap for Raila and lead him into it. Raila and some of his officials are already on the ICC radar. Uhuru could allow, and even egg Raila into the trap.

Wanjigi, in his tweets seems to recognize this trap. How he manouevres through this trap and still get his way remains to be seen.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Orphans of the aborted Journey to Canaan

RAO: Joshua leading flock to the wilderness
The journey to Canaan has aborted! The river Jordan did not stop its waters and Joshua has aborted the trip and is leading his flock back to the wilderness. The aborted journey has left in its wake Orphans, shattered dreams, careers in jeopardy, anger and a potential scattering of the flock. That is perhaps how events of October 25th, 2017 can be described.

  The winds that failed to stop the river Jordan was a rebellion by the Supreme Court of Kenya judges who refused to hear an application suspending yesterday’s election.  That rebellion saved Kenya from an artificial crisis created by the Court and the “Lawfare’’ brigade.  That Uhuru will then president in the next five years is fait accompli.

 The brigade, itself desperate for a place in the government, is determined to do everything to achieve its goal. It must, for NASA signed itself into a trap.  It has a contract with Jimmi Wanjigi, who funded its Presidential bid for a whopping Kshs 10 billion. The contract requires NASA “to win the election by all means or force a grand coalition.” Failure to do this, the NASA brigade “will individually and collectively be required to pay back the ten billion plus a fifty billion interest.”

This has the party desperate for Kshs 60 billion is no chicken feed.  Consequently, when the route through Courts hit a Cul de sac, an alternative had to be sought quicklySome confusion called resistance Movement was born. Well not really unexpected, the birth of the rebel movement.
Now that the journey has aborted, a lot of people have a bitter taste in their mouths.  Chief among them is Raila Amolo Odinga, whose dream to occupy Statehouse appears shattered. 

The day, October 25th, 2017, will enter the annals of Kenya’s history as a watershed when dreams and aspirations were cut short.  Drama unfolded at the Courts culminating in the collapse of NASA dream. There was a rebellion at the Supreme Court, scuttling what was perhaps the last ditch effort to scuttle the elections.
So Raila and his surrogates are the first casualties. And given that he is the first orphan, the birth of the rebel movement, could be just a smokescreen for his fear of prosecution for treason.  The National Resistance Movement, is unlikely to resonate with Kenyans, apart from his Luo Nyanza.  It could turn out to be a major blunder on his part. By destroying NASA, a legally recognized political conglomeration to replace it with NRM, he has jumped from the legal to the illegal inviting the use of force to end it.
JW: Lost bet. Kes 10bn down the drain

Second, it leaves him wide open to rebellion by his other principals since NRM was not part of the NASA deal. It turns the other principals, namely; Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, and Moses Wetangula into principal rebels. Their supporters also become rebels. Whether they approved of the shift from a political outfit to a militant one, remains to be seen. One thing is certain though, if the new outfit takes root, the supporters will decamp once the ramifications become clear. If that comes to pass, Raila will be isolated and an easy target for the government. He is the first and major casualty of his foolishness.
 The collapse of the journey to Canaan has also left a string of orphans, chief among them, Jimmi Wanjigi. He funded the NASA campaign hoping to buy the position of emperor and tenderprenuer per excellence, where he would make Kshs 1 trillion in five years through plunder of Kenya. From this, Wanjigi was to pocket Kshs 400 billion and share the balance with Raila Kshs240 billion, Kalonzo shs 120 billion, Weta and Mudavadi were to take home Shs 30 billion a piece by the end of the looting term.. That dream has now evaporated making Raila damaged goods to him. He will bid his time and shop around for another compliant politician.
The rebellion at the Supreme Court has Chief Justice Maraga and ‘his majority bench,” definitely in a fix. Their stay at the top of the Judiciary department is definitely shaky. Their removal from the apex court is certain. So they are the second orphan of the aborted judiciary aided coup. The question is if they shall face prosecution for treason.  If sufficient evidence is adduced that they willfully overturned the will of Kenyans, on September 1st, then, they may just face such trial. Theirs will be an ignominious exit from a stage that had dressed them with accolades. 
Other orphans include a number of high court Judges and a number of NGOs starting led by AFRICOG  and its surrogates, which are funded by George Soros, the billionaire  alleged to be a regime change artist. The backlash will destroy a string of careers in the Judiciary, politics and the NGO world.
for the victims." This is the wrong narrative- and the analysts-mainly CORD supporters, just like the ODM supporters of 2010, are again prevaricating. The issue is simple: Now that there is no evidence linking Uhuru with the violence, who committed the crime? Did it happen of itself or did somebody organise, plan, finance and execute the violence? Who was that? Where did the violence begin? How come we don't hear of violence in Kisumu, Kibera, Eldoret, Mathare and other places, bur only violence in Naivasha and Nakuru?The Supreme Court Judges led by Maraga must be a deeply distressed lot: A ruling that won them accolades World-wide could turn out to be their waterloo, opening them to opprobrium instead. They have already been branded the Wakora four.
The legality of the ruling is beginning to unravel even before the ink that wrote the ruling dried. Its beneficiary, Raila Odinga, engaged in strange activities, going about demanding the blood of so many people, rather than campaigning.  When the blood was not spilled, he resorted to sabotage. Evidence is emerging of a deliberate effort to sabotage Kenyans’ will.  
SCOK Judges: Third tier of orphans
The evidence suggests an elaborate scheme to carry a Court assisted Coup in Kenya. The emerging evidence, analysts say, claimed the first casualty in Roselyn Akombe, an electoral commissioner, who fled the country slightly more than a week to the fresh presidential elections to day.
 Raila has always claimed he was rigged out since 2007. Events since, September 1 to yesterday expose him as a serial loser and liar.  Raila’s group has always worked to sabotage SCelection results by claiming rigging while they were the thieves. His metamorphosis into a rebel could as well be the final nail in the coffin of his political career.
This is because he turns himself into damaged goods in the eyes of his financiers who do not see any benefit of funding him. Raila is described a European intelligence network, as a person who cannot keep friends, disorganized and illiterate, useful only in brinkmanship.

 And Uhuru Kenyatta, the strategist appearing to have the upper hand, Raila is likely to become a white elephant to financiers. And financiers do not like to waste their Money on white elephants.
 There could be a last ditch effort to derail the results of Thursday’s election which President Kenyatta is expected to win. Perhaps a surrogate, NGO will rush to court to file a petition against swearing him. Maraga himself could also refuse to Swear-in the President by resigning at the last minute.
 It is unlikely such attempts will succeed. Hence the list of orphans will grow longer.

Kenyatta has executed himself as a calculating strategist. One who, while appearing indifferent to lies and insults, hands you a rope to hang yourself. That strategy virtually brought the International Criminal court to disrepute. He actually put it on trial.  Our SCOK is in the same uncomfortable position.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

President Jimmi Richard Wanjigi!

 President JW
 A Raila win in Kenya’s presidential elections will be a win for Jimmi Richard Wanjigi, this Publication can confidently report. Raila will only be a vassal President, with real power lying with JW as they refer to him.  They will have no power for he has bought them and supported their campaigns.
Jimmi has been plotting to bring down President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government since 2013 because the government has stood on his way to fleecing Kenyans. Wanjigi brought together the then competing opposition groups URP and TNA led by William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta, respectively in 2012, ahead of that year’s election. 
His idea was to put in power a government that will look the other way as he plunders Kenya. Among his pet project that he hoped the new government will allow him to implement, was the US$ 9 billion Standard Gauge Railway and the US$ 600 million second runway and passenger terminal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.
The two projects, slipped through his fingers during the Uhuru Kenyatta administration. The SGR was taken over and implemented by the government while the   second terminal project was cancelled. That angered Wanjigi who decided to bring down the Kenyatta administration.
 He thus threw his weight and financial muscle behind Raila Odinga led CORD.  That is why, the Opposition made life difficult for the Kenyatta administration in the last five years with a string of alleged corruption deals in the government. The major one was the alleged theft of US$ 1 billion of the Eurobond saga and the NYS corrupt deals where fake witnesses were bought to allege huge theft. It ended up costing the then Cabinet secretary in charge of devolution, Anne Waiguru her job.

A document seen by this publications suggests that Wanjigi eyes the NYS among other agencies as his corruptions conduits. In the document, a power agreement between the NASA principals led by Raila and JW, the man will finance the entire NASA presidential campaign for a total of Kshs 10 billion.  The ten billion shilling campaign kitty was to be administered by Jimmi wanjigi, assisted by Raila Odinga, Ida Odinga, John Githongo and David Ndii.  
 Rao: President? Noway! Just a window dresser

 How did the five principals agree to an agreement that virtually strips them of all power reducing them to no more than decoration in the office? A British intelligence document say that Raila was strong armed into signing such a deal. Even the five principals, says the report, were forced to join NASA by their financier. Actually bought to sign the deal. Kalonzo, Wetangula, Mudavadi and Issac Rutto were each paid Kshs 300 million out- of- pocket expense for supporting a Raila Presidential bid on a NASA ticket.

 A British Foreign Office analysis of the security situation in Kenya, accuses Wanjigi of forcing the coalition together with the hope they shall pull a surprise win against Uhuru and Ruto. The document cautions about a “dangerous scheme hatched by dirty financial titans in Kenya and abroad.”
Back to the “power sharing and business agreement” between NASA and JW. In consideration of his financial support, Should NASA come to power, the agreement says, kwacha limited, a company owned by Wanjigis and his associates will be given seven major infrastructure projects worth kshs 2.270 trillion.
From these Wanjigi will make a Kshs 1 trillion profit which is 63 per cent of the entire investment in the projects, suggesting massive over-pricing. 
The money shall be shared with the principals as follows: Wanjigi will take kshs 400 billion. And of the remaining Kshs600 billion, Raila will take home Kshs 240 billion, Kalonzo Kshs 120 billion, Wetanguala and Mudavadi, Kshs 30 billion each. The balance, Kshs 120 billion, will be kept in a common pool administered by Jimmi Wanjigi, John Githongo and David Ndii.
In addition, Wanjigi, will nominate “Cabinet and Principal Secretaries for Treasury, Defence, Interior, Finance, Energy, Housing and Transport and Infrastructure;  Central Bank Governor, Head of Public Service Office, Inspector General of Police, Heads of National Intelligence Service and CID, Military Commanders, State House Comptroller, Attorney General, and ALL positions in the Public Service above Job Group V.”
 Kalonzo: Deputy window dresser

 Failure to capture the seat is a No option for NASA as the agreement demands “the 5 Principals must ensure it wins or by all means or force a grand coalition.” It also warns that should NASA come to power and fail to give the said contract to the Wanjigi, group, “the five Principals will individually and collectively, be liable to repay Wanjigi his Kshs 10 billion plus a Kshs 50 billion interest as agreed in a separate commercial contract.” 
This clause is perhaps to protect Wanjigi from incurring losses should the find Principals turn against him once they are in office. It is alleged that his Kshs 600 million went down the drain when UHuRuto turned against him once they got to power in 2013.
This document initially sounded preposterous when it fell into our hands and just ignored it since we could not verify it.  Although commissioned by a Nairobi advocate, Christine Adhiambo Opiyo, it had discrepancies that made us skeptical. However, after the British Foreign Office document surfaced, coupled with the Police raid into Wanjigi’s Muthaiga home Last Monday, it began to sound real.
The British Foreign office, explains that the British intelligence listened on Wanjigi’s conversations and established that he has entered into deal with the Serbian and Russian  associates to turn the Kenyan security forces especially KDF, into end users of military equipment from the eastern Europe. He has also schemed to privatize the Eldoret bullet factory with him as a major shareholder.
The idea is to produce eastern European ammo in the factory.  The British intelligence suspects that he shall also train a militia just “to keep the principals in check.”
 But the same militia will be used to attack British and Canadian interest in Lokichar Oil basin to force them out, warns the intelligence brief. Once forced out the suspected 23 billion barrels, oil fields will fall in the hands of Asian oil prospectors.

 This Brief sheds light into Wanjigi’s demand to be allowed to nominate for appointment, Cabinet Secretaries, permanent secretaries in Key ministries and also appoint Military and Police Chiefs. He wants compliant people who shall turn a blind eye to his plunder of Kenya.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Akombe is a fugitive!

 Roselyn kwamboka Akombe: A fugitive

  Roselyn Akombe is a fugitive, running away from potential arrest and prosecution for treason, we can report. Anything else she attributes to her sudden departure from IEBC as a commissioner is hot air.
 She fled the country on Monday, allegedly to go and oversee the Printing of ballot papers in Dubai, but the detoured to New York.  She was, and her handlers at NASA, were rattled by the Police raid in the House of NASA financier, Jimmy Wanjigi, at Muthaiga, in Nairobi.
The Raid NASA feared, will find some sensitive documents stored in that house. The Documents were apparently so incriminating that even the NASA lawyer, James Orengo, who is the Commander of the “Lawfare brigade,” was rattled.
Orengo, who was among the first to arrive at the Muthaiga 44, himself appeared shaken by the raid.  Meanwhile, Wanjigi holed himself in his palatial home refusing to let the Police in for a period of 72 hours forcing the cops to breaking into the house. But he was hidden in a bunker inside the house suggesting there was more than guns to hide in his house.
 Also raising curiosity is the entry of NASA leader, Raila Odinga, into the drama. Raila visited and spend the night at Muthaiga 44, on Tuesday.Although he came out saying he was detained in the House, Raila was on a different Mission. A report in the Satr on Wednesday Morning said Raila’s driver pulled a brief case from his car and took it to the house.30 minutes later, he took the Brief case back to the car. Contents not known.
James Orengo: Leading the Lawfare Brigade
A leaked WhatsApp chat tells it all. In the chat, she is told by James Orengo that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is waiting for her. Perhaps they found something in the raid on the Wanjigi home.   He tells her to close her bank accounts and leave the country immediately and stay away until perhaps December. Shen was asked to deliver her resignation letter to Chebukati, the chairman, through a proxy once she is safely in the air.
He promises to use the courts to block any investigation into her accounts.  This suggests that Akembo was receiving money from sources other than the government salary. It also suggests that investigation into the account would expose the sources. The chat which apparently lasted for more than an hour, ends with an urgent appeal “do what you can but leave the country immediately.”
In it, she told Orengo that she had already closed her accounts and was traveling to Dubai to oversee the printing of ballot papers. Bingo! Akembo suddenly became a fugitive at the Kenyans expense.  What could she have been paid for?
Another leaked chat, says it all. She was working with a group that wants to “remove these’ younglings Kikuyu and Kalenjin who have blocked some people from the positions”.  She was involved in a treasonable action! Was the author at the other end Orengo? The language and style suggest he was.
In the chat, she explains, that Chebukati has not approved the contracting of five local companies to host IEBC’s serves, blaming it “on the colonial mentality.”  The other writer explains that Raila wants the servers to be hosted locally for easy access. But Chebukati had refused to append his signature to remove OT Morpho.  Apparently, Akembo was involved in criminal activity against the state. She’s also suspected to have forged the documents that were produce in the Supreme Court that led to the invalidation of the Presidential election.
 A lawyer who claimed to have participated in drafting the NASA petition, unwittingly told this writer that even as later as Sunday , August 12, IEBC was still forging Presidential election Papers.
The Lawyer explained that the corrections were being done at Anniversary towers and that Some NASA sympathizer in IEBC, stole copies of the documents which they passed to a Watchman, through a toilet window.
The watchman then passed the documents to a Motor Cycle taxi- rider who delivered the said Forged papers to the Lawyers somewhere at Karen. According to this lawyer, the alleged forgery continued for a number of days.
This sounds like organized crime. August 12th, was a Sunday when there are few customers in the CBD and also around University way. What was the Rider doing at this point? Who asked him to be there on the material day?

 Sources, indicate that the Akembo’s disappearing act has rattled the Supreme Court Judges.  The judges, sources had been roped in the scheme to “remove the younglings from power.”  But things appear to be unravelling putting them judges “between a rock and a hard place.”

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Raila: Kenya's greatest risk factor

Raila: Kenya's great threat
Raila Odinga, NASA leader and his surrogates, are Kenya’s greatest stability risk. He has earned this dubious distinction because he is; Capricious, deceptive, disruptive, malicious and destructive- all these adjectives rolled into one.

His singular desire to be Kenya’s president at whatever cost has built in him a bitter and malicious man who, according to a Europe based intelligence network, “will not blink if Kenya burns if that is the price to be paid for him to get into the government”
 An accomplished mobilizer, Raila excels in deception, misleading a lot of people to believe his lies.  Among these lies is that his win for the top seat in Kenya is always stolen through rigging.  
The butt of his lies is always the electoral commission. In the three electoral cycles, he has destroyed three Commissions always accusing them of helping rig him out. And in his zeal to cover up his lies, he never hesitates to use extra-legal means to get his way.
 His stock- in- trade is mass protests. He mobilizes his goons for street protests and destruction which intimidates narrow and short-sighted community leaders including the diplomatic community to pressurize the government to cave in to his demands.
The religious groups, particularly, the Protestant church, has thus unwittingly become Raila’s stair-case to getting his way. The church, supported by the diplomatic community, has always led in mediation efforts that end helping him discard the due to process to get his way and escape culpability for crimes commit
ted by his goons.
That is how the church helped him get rid of the Isaack Hassan led, Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission last year, just a few months to the election contrary to the Law. The law requires that the commission be in place two years before the election.
 Yet Raila easily hides behind the same law to frustrate efforts by the government to make laws that could make it difficult for him to rise to power by Kangaroo means. Isaack Hassan, in a forth coming book has described Raila as a “chronic loser who always blames the electoral commission.”
Uhuru: Outsmarted Raila
Once the Electoral commission has been projected as a lackey of the ruling party, his surrogates spread the message to his supporters who are easily mobilized for street demos.
The demos are meant to cow the country into ceding to Raila’s whims and to cover up his lies.
Raila has no qualms whatsoever destroying someone’s career and credibility if that person does not dance to his whims. That is how malicious and destructive he is.
Raila has not won any Presidential election in Kenya. That is a fact. Instead, he and his surrogates try to sabotage the results by incessant protests. Thomas Letangule, Isaack Hassan’s deputy at IEBC also in his book, accused ODM agents of trying to sabotage Kenyatta’s election in 2013.
Neither did he win the 2017 election. He sabotaged it by taking fake evidence to the Supreme Court which sabotaged Kenyan’s will by invalidating the election. That invalidation is now the subject of criminal investigation. Here, it seems, the Supreme Court will pay the price of entertaining Raila’s petition and even invalidating the Presidential election.
Rioting Mobs : destruction in name of democracy
Where he excels in Mobilization he fails in strategy. He is a poor strategist and winning in is about a good winning strategy. He surrounds himself with minority groups that cannot take him to state house. While it may appear like he has a national reach, he does not have the necessary numbers to win a Presidential election.
This is why his strategy is to create a national tension by projecting his supporters as victims of rigging.  In 2007 the strategy, crafted by among others, Prof. Anyang Nyong’o the current Kisumu Governor; Prof. Wanyade and Adams Oloo, was designed to project that year’s election as a match between Kenyans against the Kikuyu, 42 against one was the campaign mantra.
This strategy has only mobilized the kikuyu and their cousins around Mount Kenya against Raila. Winning a Presidential vote is about numbers and he does not have that.
 Apart from destroying careers, Raila is also adept at destroying the economy. His goons pillage shops, rob pedestrians and passengers in vandalized vehicles and destroy property during riots which crime he quickly blames on the Police ineptitude.
Yet the entire Luo Nyanza backyard is steeped in poverty, want and bitterness which he quickly blames on successive Kikuyu led governments.

This pick- pocket mentality which diverts attention from one’s culpability to another person, has reduced the hapless Luo youth to a powder keg that needs only a spark to explode. But if you dig deeper into the charade, you’ll find Raila Odinga’s hand in the sad state of his community.
For instance, in the first decade of this 21st century, Rarieda MP, one Raphael Tuju, introduced the Mobile clinic concept to serve his people. The Clinics were destroyed and grounded by Raila goons when he differed with Tuju who publicly refused to worship Raila. They have become victims of his deceit and greed for power.
 Nothing lasts forever however, and it seems Raila has finally met his waterloo. As a chronic loser, Raila is damaged goods. Raila finally shot himself in the foot twice in the current election impasse. His strategy backfired when Uhuru Kenyatta, the winner in the recent elections, accepted the Supreme Court’s ruling invalidating his election.
Raila had operated on the premise that Uhuru would reject the ruling and thus lead to chaos. With this ace gone, he went about with his usual lawlessness blaming IEBC for his loss. Then Safaricom, OT Morpho, Chiloba, Chebukati et al. Every Noise in Press Conferences but in the campaign trail.
 Finally, he pretended to pull out of the race by announcing it to the media but failing to follow the procedure for withdrawal.
 Meanwhile the High Court ruled that all presidential candidates for the nullified election should be allowed to contest on October 26, 2017. In that ruling the high court shot down the Supreme Court opinion of 2013 as unbinding. That ruling was the basis for Raila’s withdrawal from the Presidential race hoping to sabotage it further.
This time around, the man appears completely marooned in his own failures. The diplomatic community has stood aside and the Church is mum. Financiers are hard to come by except a few NGOs fronted by people with whom he plotted the 1982 coup. The man has run out of options and his fortunes are facing south. What’s he to do? His goose is cooked and the presidency will probably remain one of his unfulfilled desires of a life time.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Annulment of Kenya Presidential election: Pedestal..Judicial activism

The USCJ 's tweet
When the Supreme Court of Kenya annulled the election of President Kenyatta three weeks ago, it was a precedent. It was hailed world-wide as a first in Africa, where a Supreme Court Judge had the temerity to invalidate the election of a sitting President. 
However, the Chief Justice of the US supreme court has dismissed the ruling as Pedestal... judicial Activism

When the President in a fit of anger dismissed the ruling as the “work of thugs promising to fix the Judiciary if re-elected, legal minds in Africa went for his Jugular, “lecturing” him on respect for institutions of governance and especially the judiciary.

This is where the legal minds missed the point.  There was an ominous threat in the President’s use of the word wakora- Kiswahili for dishonest people. That word for any student of linguistics was an indication that the President knew more than he said.

 While the world was cheering the decision of the Court, some in Kenya could not make sense of a ruling that had no definite culprit. The Court exonerated the President of any wrong doing; blaming the mess on the body the managed the election. The voter turnout was large; the voting process was peaceful and calm; the failures of the electoral commission were not criminal in nature said the Court; the numbers each garnered were not in question. So what went wrong? What justified sabotaging the voter’s will?

Three weeks later, things fell apart.  A Petition was filed with the Judicial Service Commission calling for the dismissal of two of the four Judges who annulled the President’s election.  The judges, the petitioner said, were in “improper contact” with the Lawyers and representatives of the Presidential petitioner, during the hearing of the matter before them. 

The two judges were said to have met with the advocates of the petitioner in a residential flat in a city up- market estate and in a hospital. The calls logs of their telephone numbers were also listed as evidence of such inappropriate contact.
A leaked document from the chief strategist of the Opposition chief also admitted as much. The document advises complete silence over the explosive discovery. It also advises ceasing of all communication with the named Judges.
 The detailed ruling of the finding of September 1st read on Sept.20th exonerated the IEBC and the President of any wrong doing. But there were two dissenting judges in the Supreme Court ruling and the two minced no words tearing the findings of their four colleagues apart. 
Letter allegedly written by Orengo
The two dissenters, who are also long serving judges of the Supreme Court, found no evidence in the petition to warrant invalidation of the election results. They wondered what evidence was adduced before the court to warrant such a decision. The two dissenting judges depicted their colleagues as a lazy lot that depended on the word of the petitioner to annul a lawful and valid election.
One of the dissenting Judges, Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, accused her four Colleagues of not even verifying the documents filed in the Court Registry. Her verification, she said, found that all documents presented as forgeries were in fact intact in the Court Registry. She wondered why the Court did not order for the recount of the Presidential votes.
Apart from the two dissenting judges in the Apex Court, The chief Justice of the United States of America, John G Roberts in a tweet dismissed the ruling of the Supreme Court of Kenya as “Pedestal ….Judicial activism,” The judgement, he said was no more than “redeeming their image and seeking international publicity.”
 If this tweet is true, then his is a harsh indictment if there was any.
Kenyan critics had already dismissed the ruling as a “Court assisted Coup” by regime changers in the NGO world.
 Given such harsh indictment by critics and probably peers, it seems Kenya’s Supreme Court will set another precedent in Africa, of a court that executed itself as Lazy and discredited itself.
 Apart from the dissenting Judges, two other judges also played hide- and- seek.  One fell sick for the duration of the hearing leaving the petition to be heard by a six –Judge Bench instead of a full bench of seven Judges.
One of the four judges that made the majority ruling was “out of the country” on the day of the detailed ruling. But whispers have it he bolted out on realizing there was mischief by his two colleagues. A tweet by the two leading dailies indicated that he pulled out because the allegations of improper conduct on the part of his colleagues “were undeniable.”
So where next after this? Analysts say that President Kenyatta will win the election again. And once in Office, there will be a bomb dropped at Kenya’s apex Court. Three of the seven judge bench are headed out, “whether they have security of tenure or not.” The three include; Chief Justice David Maraga, his deputy Philomena Mwilu and Justice Isaac Lenaola. The three who are also new entrants in the Supreme Court, have their credibility dented beyond repair.
 Snippets of the evidence filed to support allegations of improper contact, were so detailed as to suggest the hand of the country’s spy outfit, the National Intelligence Service, NIS. If this is true, then the three judges should start leaving else they shall be hounded out of office.
There are doubts that the CJ and his deputy even wrote their rulings given that they had difficulties reading the rulings. “They stammered like class- two kids learning to read a complete word,” said an observer. Kenyans too have not spared them. A local critic. Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi, said in a tweet that Justice JB Ojwang, one of the dissenting Judges, executed himself with such confidence “he made the CJ look like crass.” Mutahi wondered why “JB is not the Chief Justice in Kenya.”
 That is a view shared by many Kenyans who want the CJ out.

 The re-alignment in the Supreme Court over the Presidential Vote ruling, is a pointer that a major surgery is due in the Apex court. And the old hands in the Court, Justices, Ojwang, Wanjala, Ndungu and Ibrahim appear to have allowed the new comers, Justices, Maraga, Mwilu and Lenaola to roast in their own fat. Apart from the three losing face among Kenyans, they stand a chance of being a case study at how judges should not rule.

  From Africa Development Magazine

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The economic cost of Raila’s brinkmanship

Kenya’s economic growth this year, which was projected to hit 5.9 per cent, has slowed down. It is projected to slow to over 4.0 per cent.
Kibera: Home of the wretched of the earth.
Raila's constituency for 20 yrs
The country was facing a slow-down in economic activity during the political campaigns, which slowdown eased after the results were announced, declaring President Kenyatta the winner.  However, the Ruling on September 1st, took the country back on the roller coaster.
 In a matter of hours, three hours to be precise, the Nairobi Stock Exchange’s capitalization shaved off Kshs 92 billion, and by the end of the second trading day, Monday September4th, the losses had climbed to Kshs 131billion.
 In the forex market, the shilling which had been gaining since Uhuru was declared President, was also battered. It shred off 35 cents against the US dollar after the ruling. 
It opened at 102/75 buying 102.95 selling Friday morning but slumped to 103.10 buying 103.20 selling. Kenyan debt stock overseas also bled. On that day alone Kenya’s forex reserves were shaved off kshs 356 million. The country’s daily turnover is slightly more than US$10 million.

The middle class has adopted a wait- and–see stance, consuming less and saving more. The shilling is still struggling to recover its Pre- Sept1 strength. Investors have decamped while others have kept their plans on hold.

  The economy was struggling due to drought effects which slowed down agricultural output. Food prices were high driven by shortages caused by the drought.

But now the crisis sparked off by the “conscience ruling” and the political brinkmanship that NASA has adopted since the SCOK ruling that “vindicated” him is bleeding the economy. Why is this? Raila has little appreciation of economic matters.

 According to a strategy Paper dated September, 8th, 2007, ODM identifies Raila’s weaknesses as limited understanding of Economic Matters as a major weakness, potential for linkage with under-development in Nyanza and Political party nomadism. The paper also lists his threats as Kibera’s under development and his penchant for making ad hoc improvised statements.

The paper, minutes of a strategy meeting by the core team comprising of; Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o the then ODM Secretary General, Prof. Edward Oyugi; Prof. Patrick Wanyande and Mr. Adams Oloo lists deception  and bribery of journalists and editors as some of the ways of covering up for the weaknesses.

 A Policy Brief by the EU intelligence unit has clearly described him as poorly educated. It says, he never attended any institution of higher learning in East Germany. Although registered in the Technical Institut of Magdeburg, he never attended class.

The EU Policy brief says he will not even blink if Kenya was to tip over into chaos if that is the price the country has to pay for his accommodation in the government.  It says he impressed his handlers in Stasi, the East Germany secret Police during the cold war era, with his grasp of political brinkmanship using violence to achieve is ambitions.

 Raila has always been a disruptive person quick top resort to violence to keep his ambitions going. His supporters are quick to resort to violence and destruction at the slightest provocation, even if it’s a rumour.
 It is to be recalled that in 2008 the same brinkmanship devastated the country’s GDP growth from seven Percent in 2007 to just about two per cent in 2008. In the last five years, he spent time sabotaging the sitting government with allegations after allegation of corruption.

 He even fought and destroyed the National Youth Service programme that was upgrading lives in the slums. Although there was some corruption, that was the smokescreen he used to destroy a programme that was a major threat to his political base, the lumpen proletariat living in the slums.

Now we are about to witness another economic slump due to his shenanigans.  We are now at the  deception and disruption stage according to his book, the next step would be destruction!  Kenya, the economic hub of east Africa is being sabotaged by one person and his cohorts. That the Economics costs of Railaism for you.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Raila’s mantra: deceive, defraud, disrupt and/or destroy

Mpeketoni in 2014: Was the attack meant
 to scuttle the Eurobond?

According to an intelligence review seen by this publication, Opposition leader, Raila Odinga’s political strategy involves 4Ds which have put Kenya on the brink of a precipice.
 The 4Ds are: Deceive, Defraud, Disrupt and/or Destroy. The publication says he learnt this strategy from agents of the foreign intelligence section of Stasi, the East German secret police of the cold war era.
The unit was led by Markus wolf, the famous man without a face who outsmarted western spy agencies due to his ability to elude being photographed.

 According to the publication, Raila was sent to study in East German in the 60s when his Father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, was Vice-President in Kenya. 

The man only qualified for a certificate in ability to speak German from Herder Institut. The Document, Policy Brief, by the European council of Foreign Relations authored by its EU intelligence and Situation Analysis Centre, describes Raila as a poor student who took four years to gain the certificate.

Titled The Great Unravelling Doomsday scenario: Kenya on the edge of Precipice, the document says Raila was enrolled at the Technical School of Magdenburg but never attended class for a single day. He was busy learning Marxist ideology with East German Marxists “who saw his connections back home as a useful asset in the wider scheme of ideological influence in Africa.”

 Quoting declassified East German documents, the Brief says that Raila was perpetually broke in East German so he turned to smuggling, heading a  drug smuggling ring  to West German and vice versa. “He smuggled European cigarette Brands and Marijuana to his East German handlers through the check point Charlie, the best known Berlin wall crossing point between East and West Berlin, during the cold war era.”
He trained as a LADA Mechanic for Nine months, the document says, for the rest of the time he was being indoctrinated on Marxists ideology by the Stasi. LADA is a Russian made automobile.

 Even here he was a poor student who took longer than others to grasp the basics of Marxist ideology. “He was disorganized and disruptive, never kept time and a raging alcoholic who loved to smoke marijuana,” says the report, quoting the same declassified intelligence files.

“He never kept friends but African students in East German then simply tolerated him because of his status and because he occasionally supplied them with east European prostitutes for a fee,” it says.

While he took longer to understand Communist ideology, he believed in it. He “excelled in the theory of political deception, mobilizing and political brinkmanship.” His instructors were impressed with his  achievement in this side with one noting he had been turned into a useful asset- a useful idiot, says the document.

The report seems to hold the view that Raila will lose again to Kenyatta in the forth-coming elections warning that Kenya could be on the edge of a precipice.  Raila could again reject the loss and do a Besingye- that is get some Luo judges to swear him as President perhaps in Kisumu. That would be treasonable and could lead to blood bath, it warns.
It is not clear if there are madmen among the Luo judges in the Judiciary who can undertake such a treasonable act.
Mobilzing Child Soldiers?
 However, even the Chief Justice and four others made a determination that Uhuru’s election was invalid with giving any ruling.

 The report warns that Raila would not blink if Kenya fell over the precipice if that is the price to pay to get him accommodated in the government.

Chronicling his penchant for Violence the report says that soon after he returned home, he organized the 1982 failed Coup together with Luo officers in Kenya Airforce. He also organized Mwakenya which targeted university students among his other disruptive activities.

It also chronicles fraudulent activities beginning with his father the Late, jaragmogi Oginga odinga, received a huge amount of Money from Russia in the name of Luo thrift Union indicating that the flagship family business EA Spectre was born at about the same time. There is nothing to shows for this Union.

At home we have witnessed well- choreographed deceit which leads to fraud. It would be recalled that in mid -1990s, there was massive mobiization of funds to buy east Africa molasses plant in Muhoroni which ended up as part of the Odinga business empire.

In the recent past, there was huge mobilsation for Okoa Kenya campaign. It is not clear how much was raised and how it was used. Neither is it clear how much was raised in the campaign to support teachers on strike in 2015 and how it was used.

The –adopt- a polling station was another example of a fraudulent mobilsation of funds. Some estimates put the figure at kshs260 million raised for this campaign but was not used for the intended purpose.

On deceit, in the last five years, the NASA leader, has spilled one scandal after another some of which have turned out to be no more than well -choreographed campaigns to destroy the careers of certain Kenyans. The most prominent was the Euro-Bond saga. After failing to sabotage the US$2 billion floatation in 2014, he came up with allegation that the Money was stolen. But he refused to give evidence of such crime when called to do so.

The Controller and Auditor General, Robert Ouko, has yet to release a report on his audit mission to the Federal Reserve Bank in new York, almost a year since the mission was completed. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

The economic cost of SCOK Ruling

Kenya's Supreme Court Bench in session
 Kenyans, especially Jubilee supporters, saved the Kenyan economy by restraining themselves after the Supreme Court nullified President Kenyatta’s election.

The world feared an outbreak of violence and investors quickly rushed for the exit door, offloading Kenyan stocks and other debt instruments in droves.

The Kenya shilling felt the pressure, losing 35 cents to the US dollar.  

The Nairobi Stock Exchange’s market capitalization shaved off kshs 92 billion in a single day! While the  was shaved off Kshs 357 million in its forex value.

 The bourse, a barometers of a country’s economic health, suffered a massive off load with all blue-chip scripts suffering a battering. It had to halt trading for an hour when the battering hit the red line.

 In a single five-hour trading day, a total of Shs 1.64 billion was traded. This is, in normal times, the exchange’s turnover in a week. An average of shs 547 million was traded every hour on Friday.
  In the forex market, the shilling which had been gaining since Uhuru was declared President, was also battered. It shred off 35 cents against the US dollar after the ruling.

It opened at 102/75 buying 102.95 selling Friday morning but slumped to 103.10 buying 103.20 selling. Kenyan debt stock overseas also bled. On that day alone Kenya’s forex reserves were shaved off kshs 356 million. The country’s daily turnover is slightly more than US$10 million.

Kenya’s $2 billion sovereign bond maturing in 2024 fell 1.33 cents, reports said, it’s lowest since mid-August. The 2019 issue fell 0.75 cents to 102.75 cents.
 Things only calmed down when the President, drunk as most puritans said he was, addressed the nation, saying he accepts the ruling although he differs with it. His call for peace calmed the markets. And his tour of Burma market removed the uncertainty completely.

 In Jubilee strongholds which were under close watch, the people were shocked but went on their business as usual- no disturbance of any kind. That entrenched the calm in the market.

The Nairobi stock exchange is capitalized at Kshs 2.3 trillion, slightly under a third of the country’s national wealth of Kshs 7.2 trillion. It is therefore a barometer of Kenya’s economic health and a good pointer to the mess, a poorly thought out ruling- whatever its merit- can inflict on the economy.

 Without going to the merits of the ruling, the judges, including the Chief Justice, for all his alleged wisdom, did not consider the implication on the economy, their ruling would have. In just a few hours after the ruling, Kenya lost billions in the value of its stocks and foreign exchange!

 The ruling will also slow down economic growth in the fourth quarter, due to ongoing campaigns for an election to be held within sixty days. It will also cost the tax payer another Kshs50 billion in preparation for the election.

This is a triple economic injustice on Kenyans whose will was sabotaged by the Supreme Court.  First they lost in terms of the country’s wealth, which loss shall never be recovered, they also will lost in terms of tax money that will be squandered on the election. And finally, they lost their sovereign will.

 The uncertainty continued into Monday’s trading because of NASA’s objection to IEBC conducting the election. However, now that the date has been set. It is expected the markets will cool down saving the economy further haemorrhage.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Five years of Uhuru- How will Kenya look like in 2022?

The SGR Railway Phase 2 has already begun
 Since we don’t see any threat to his Presidency, we can preview a Kenya under Kenyatta in the next five years.
He came to office on a transformation agenda. So we ask: What should we expect from him? How will Kenya be in 2022 when he leaves office? Will it be a prosperous and progressive nation or will it be poor and reactionary?

The odds appear stacked in favor of his transformation agenda.  Good luck, his personality, political environment and motivation combined favor the expectation of a positively transformed Kenya.

 President Kenyatta inherited a robust economy from his predecessor, Mwai Kibaki. 

And despite, a tough environment during his first term, he managed to keep the economy robust.  He inherited a US$60 billion economy and had driven it to a $72 billion economy by the end of last year.

He also inherited a robust 30 year economic blue print “christened Vision2030” whose mantra is a transformed and industrializing Kenya by 2030. So far he has kept to it.

 He has supported the completion of infrastructure projects that were began by his predecessor. He presided over the completion and/or launch of a number of the key projects envisaged in the blue print.
His first term was tumultuous and the learning curve was steep, yet he executed himself impressively. He came to office on a transformation agenda, making Kenya a better place to live and prosper.

He has kept a number of his pre-election promises such as free maternity for expectant mothers, delivered laptops to primary school children despite some major hiccups.  He has set up a number of “one- shop stop e-centres bringing government services closer to the people.
Galana Kulalu: Likely to attract his undivided attention

Kenyatta’s first term was defined by big spending on eye-catching infrastructure and impressive economic growth which ranged above 5 per cent, in a tough climate.

His resolute handling of sensitive matters stunned both friend and foe alike. He borrowed large amounts of money to invest in infrastructure; fought drugs cartels- sinking two ships caught ferrying drugs and allowed drug Lords to be repatriated to the US to face the law.

 He weathered storms at home including Somalia based militant attacks on: School children, shoppers at a mall, a military base in Al Ade in Somalia and civilians in Lamu, Wajir and Mandera counties; dismantled “tenderprenuer” cartels and shrugged off their flack.   “Tenderprenuers” are characters who make their living from fronting bidders for government projects for a cut.

 His administration build the first Railway line in Kenya in 100 years completing the gigantic project with 18 months to spare. 

His administration is likely to focus on completing the SGR line to Kisumu and Malaba, ensure Galana Kulalu is operational, complete some of the on-going mega projects in water, roads, electricity, ensure free education from primary through secondary, built a few thousand more kilometres of tarmacked roads and Start the construction of LAPSSET.

To be fair, many of the projects completed in his first term were began by previous administration. In fact even those that will completed during his second term were initiated by the previous administrations.
We expect more electricity generation capacity to come on the grid adding to the 2234 MW already on the grid.
We also expect oil exports to begin during his watch. The contract for transportation are already in place. In fact the early oil exports programme should have commenced in June but was delayed by technical hiccups.
His uncompromising stand weeded out cheating cartels in the education sector restoring respectability to Kenyan education certificates.

He shrugged off allegations of massive corruption in his government and delivered leased medical equipment to referral hospitals in the 47 counties.  Now Kidney patients can get dialysis in their county Hospitals.

So do we expect President to deliver this time around? The omens point to that direction. For starters, this being his constitutionally authorized last term in office, he is likely to be keen on his legacy than politics. This means that he shall have to deliver on his promises.

He has a large majority in Parliament and even in the counties.  That ensures that he has fewer saboteurs to deal with.  Even in Opposition dominated counties, opposition is likely to be muted given that their leader, the militant Raila Odinga, has been vanguished and is expected to quit politics.

 However, this overwhelming majority could also be exploited to pass legislation that will stifle Kenyans. NGOS that have been critical of him and those that helped sabotage his pet projects and the press too, could find themselves under siege.

Already, two NGOs that were accused of fishing and coaching alleged witnesses against him at the ICC are beginning to feel his weight. For them, this could be payback time. They have sought refuge in the High court seeking orders to protect themselves against de-registration but it may not be long before they cease to exist.

 Alternatively, their freedoms could be severely curtailed. Either way, the omens do not look good for them and could soon follow “tenderprenuers” and other cartels into oblivion.

How will Kenya look like in 2022? Well, we leave that to the omens. But our view is,
it will be a transformed country with reduced unemployment rates, steady economic growth, perhaps above 6.00 per cent, lower corruption index, more industries, higher FDI inflow and for the ordinary Kenyan, more democratic space and wider economic opportunities.